• Welcome to the Chinatown Fair Arcade Archival Project

    The goal of this site is to share all the memories of the Chinatown Fair arcade on a multimedia platform. The arcade is unique site where nostalgia challenges history and meets commerce. So if you have stories and images to post please share by sending an email to chinatownfairarcade@hotmail.com.

is CF closing?

News is spreading quickly about the possibility of Chinatown Fair closing at the end of March….dun dun dun! Please read the gothamist article and peep the Ol’ Dirty Bastard video at the end http://gothamist.com/2011/02/20/is_chinatown_fair_nycs_last_arcade.php Also, Vivienne Gucwa has a great photo essay on NearSay that includes some history on the arcade through the years. http://gothamist.com/2011/02/20/is_chinatown_fair_nycs_last_arcade.php … Continue reading

oral narrative project

Coming Soon: audio recordings from the gamers who consider Chinatown Fair home


photos by Salome

no one under 18



these pictures were taken over the course of a semester at NYU by Salome Asega. the class: Chinatown and the American Imagination the professor: Jack Tchen   each image is in, out, and around the arcade and paired with a screenshot of a game i’ve played